Best Shops to Unlock Your iPhone in Toronto

So you just got a new iPhone but open further inspection you discover it doesn’t support the network that you want. This is a very particular case in Toronto, especially if the iPhone you got came from the US. In order to use the phone you’ll need to get it unlocked.

Apple doesn’t offer unlocking services and will instead direct you to the carrier of your choice. Unfortunately, this option will only unlock that iPhone for that one, single carrier. Any other SIM card won’t immediately run on the phone. But luckily there are shops to completely unlock your phone such as the following:

  • Bongo Wireless – Bongo Wireless has the option to unlock your phone for all carriers but this is only available for customers who walk into the store. However, if you just want to unlock your phone for one particular network all you need to do is pay online, follow the instructions, and wait for the unlock code with 24 hours.
  • iPhone Repairs Toronto – here’s another great shop located in the heart of the city and one thing that sets it apart from the others is that they do not charge an extra fee for rush services. You can get your iPhone unlocked in just 30 minutes to an hour.
  • BuyNCell – BuyNCell is one of the more famous stores in Canada and there are branches all over the country. They do offer unlocking services, even for the latest model, the iPhone 6. Fees differ depending on the type of carrier you desire, with prices going from below $50 to just below $80.


Which one is the best? It all depends on your needs. Since all of them offer a wide range of manufacturers you can easily ask any of these three to get your phone up and running no matter what SIM card you want to use.

All three firms are located in the heart of Toronto and they can always be reached via phone or chat/email, making them convenient to reach at any given time. They also offer repair services just in case you want more than SIM unlocking.

The best thing about these services, however, is that they can do the job right in front of you as you watch and wait. This is perfect for people who are a bit tight on security when it comes to their devices – after all, you want to make sure no one takes a valuable part or sell your phone entirely.

The Best Mac Home Security Apps for Toronto Citizens

More and more people now use their Macs to run businesses and provide security for their homes or establishments. If you’ve never used one before, no need to worry since there is a lot of options to choose from, and they’re easy to use. Turning your Mac into a video surveillance system isn’t that hard, as it all comes down to using the right programs. With the information given below, integrating security with your Mac should be a straightforward affair.

Secure Home

This is a very useful app that can detect burglars who try to break in into your house by transmitting a message to your iOS device. The message is automatically sent when its microphone detects unusual sounds, and apart from detecting noises, the app also gives off a beep that will deter burglars.

Open Eye Remote

Open Eye Remote works with the Open Eye cameras available on the company website. Provided you have one already, you can use this app to tilt, zoom and pan remotely, and if you already have the Open Eye camera, the app is free to download and use.


This is another Mac security app that you may want to consider as it has a very rich feature-set. One of the nice things about iWatchU is it has a history log so all the events recorded with the app can be viewed either as videos or images. Like the other security apps featured here, iWatchU sends you an email notification in case motion is detected, but what makes it different is its use of sophisticated algorithms that are able to sense movement and intrusions.

There are a lot of nice features on this app, and one of the best is its complete support for Firewire and USB cameras, and you can use both simultaneously. For many though, the best feature here is definitely is the live video streaming, something you don’t usually see in other apps.

iWatchU runs smoothly on the Mac, and there are free iPhone and iPad apps you can download and use to view the data, which makes it very convenient to use.

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iSentry is a free app that relies on your webcam to record what is happening around your home, and you can use it to send photos or videos when motion is sensed. You can easily use the app out of the box so to speak, but the settings give you complete control over the alerts, notifications, sounds, time and other features. In addition, the images may be uploaded to different websites so you can access it anywhere.

My Webcam Broadcaster

As the name suggests, My Webcam Broadcaster is a security app that makes use of webcams, and while it doesn’t have a lot of advanced features it handles the fundamentals well.

One of its strengths is compatibility with Mac iSight, and you can use the iPod, iPad or iPhone to view the images it takes. All you need to do is download the iOS app and you can start viewing the pictures, and from there you can produce a time lapse video easily.

Are These Security Apps Enough?

The answer is no, they are not enough. There’s no question that these applications can help, but they can only go so far in terms of providing security. One of the shortcomings of these apps is their limited reach, and if your home has a lot of entry and exit points, there’s no way for these apps to reach them.

So while these apps are very useful, you should not rely on them alone to safeguard your home, because a more comprehensive solution is required.

Hire a Locksmith

The best way to deal with this situation is to hire a locksmith to set up a proper security system. Yes, those Mac and iOS apps can improve security in your home, but only up to a point, and they are best viewed as supporting or complementary programs that support your home’s main security system.

In the hands of a skilled locksmith such as James from , you don’t have to worry about the security system not working properly. At the same time, hiring an expert locksmith ensures you always have someone to call in case the system doesn’t seem to work.